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SLEEMOR GANK - BURG LAND 1 by Alexander Laird (3rd print)


Third print!

Nominated for "Oustanding Minicomic" from the 2022 Ignatz Award and nominated for two 2022 Doug Wright Awards - "The Nipper award for emerging talent" & "The Pigskin Peters award for best small- or micro-press book."

Burg Land civilization has collapsed! One hundred years later the traveling historian Baida Bandorious arrives on Sleemor Gank on their trusty balloon to research why the collapse happened! Yet the locals seem less than pleased to be having a visitor, in fact they seem to think Baida may be a demon.

65 pages of comic along with secret languages, maps and mysteries abound!! Printed on risograph with teal, flo pink, and yellow ink! 6.5 x 8! Also its got a prismatic sticker on the cover! Wow!